Is there a spark controller limit?

I’ve looked through the game manual and I haven’t found any information on how many spark controllers your robot can have. Does anyone have any information on this?

As many as you have slots on your PDP or PDH. 16 and 20 respectively.


Thank you!

You also need to look at what motors you are using. If you are still using the CTRE PDP, you only have 8 40A slots. The new PDM from Rev offers all slots that can be used for 40A breakers, but if you run 20 40A motors you will have bigger problems.

Actually, to quote old question and answer responses, you may have as many spark motor controllers on your robot as you want, providing that you: stay inside the volume requirements and stay under the required weight limit.


Note there is no rule that prohibits using the new Rev 40A breakers in the PDP “smaller” slots, so the PDP has effectively 16x 40A channels.

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I certainly wouldn’t count on this. I expect the 40A REV breakers to be illegal in the PDP due to R623, which requires that

the entire electrical pathway is via appropriately gauged/rated elements.

As far as I recall, the PDP ATO channels are only rated for 30A.

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