Is there a tabulated results page for every single regional across the USA, combined?

I can easily find the results of my team last year at the regional, as well as the other teams that were there, but is there a giant document with every single team’s results, regardless of location? I want to do some heavy data analysis.

The closest you’ll probably get (and easiest to use, too) is probably going to be The Blue Alliance.

And the Blue Alliance API, which is very simple to use.

There are several stats mavens here who would be interested in hearing more about what you plan to do.

Is this the data you need?

2015 Weeks 1 thru 7 Raw Data

2015 CMP Qual Raw Data

2015 CMP Playoff Raw Data

Thanks Ether. I used R.csv and had to manually remove the championship ones which wasn’t too difficult at all.

Thanks so much!