Is there a trick to getting a full width Shuffleboard screen

I’m trying to maximize my screen real-estate with shuffleboard.

I can achieve this by maximizing the program, and then minimizing the width of the source pane by dragging the divider to the left (hides Network tables and widgets). This gives me a full width data screen.

So then I can create a full screen dashboard with elements right up to the right hand edge. Cool…

However, if I need to add another widget/element, I need to stretch out the sources pane again (to make a selection). When I do this, the display tab gets crammed against the right hand edge of the screen, and any widgets over there get shrunk to fit the remaining screen area. So when I’ve added the new element I need to go back and resize/position many of my controls (like choosers). This is pretty annoying.

Is there a way to pop up the sources pane to add new elements without causing a full width display tab to get squeezed?