is there a way to invert a motor live?

is there a way? i want to invert a motor in a four wheel drive

you could hook up a multiply the value of the motor by 1, or -1 using a select statement (or case structure) that is decided by a control on the front panel, and button on a physical controller, or even using the simulated io’s on the dashboard.

the thing is im using a 4 wheel drive theres no way to multiply or such

If you mean simply invert a motor direction permanently, you can do that at the Open 4 Motor VI. Simply change the boolean constant of the motor in question.

If you mean change it while running the code in real time, you can do that too. What you need to do is replace the boolean constant on Open 4 Motor VI with a boolean indicator and then toggle the boolean indicator on the front panel.

The motor open command only occurs once. You cannot change the boolean real time as the motor open should be in the begin VI that is only run once.

One way to do it is to run your joystick wire through a true-false case statement and multiply it by -1 (or use the negate icon in the math menu) when you push a button.