Is there a way to learn planning a path with Pathweaver with mecanum drives?

I searched internet but couldn’t find any tutorials or documentations about using pathweaver with mecanum wheels. We are coding on timed-based, please don’t reccomend “change to command-based”.

Pathweaver is basically deprecated. You should consider using PathPlanner. From PathPlanner’s perspective, there is no difference between swerve and mecanum, both are holonomic drives. At its core, the input to PathPlanner is your current pose, and the output is chassis speeds. It’s up to your code to apply the chassis speeds to make the robot drive.

It is worth noting that it’ll be a bit of a struggle using a time-based robot to run autos with PathPlanner. Things like NamedCommands simply won’t be an option for you. There is a reason people keep recommending command-based programming. Is there a reason you are resisting it?

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Thanks for the sources you provided!

about command based, i tried to learn it but just couldn’t get the axis for chasis and arm, and i dont think so i can learn it in 1 week.

also, do you know where i can learn how to use pathplanner with timed robot

I think you’re blazing a trail using PathPlanner with time-based. You’ll just have to figure it out.

I imagine you might be able to get it working by using a PPHolonomicDriveController and PathPlannerTrajectory.sample()

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