Is there a way to search CD by post number?

This may belong in the broken links thread, but I’ve been looking through some old threads and finding broken links that have post numbers (at least that’s what I assume they are) but don’t work. Is there any way I can find those posts.

The specific links I was looking at were all from this thread.

You pretty much have to scroll through the thread using the scroll bar.

To be clear, I’m not looking to navigate within threads. I’m trying to find a thread by it’s number. I was assuming the number in the URL of each thread is unique (e.g. this thread is 345961), though I may be wrong.

Ah, that one.

Yes, to the best of my knowledge they are unique. /wonders what thread 1 is…
However, I’ve seen no rhyme or reason to the numbering, so I suspect it’s order of creation.

Yeah, Discourse thread IDs are sequential.

You can simply put the thread ID in the URL, like so: (Discourse doesn’t care what the slug is)

If you’re looking at old links from before the upgrade to Discourse though, the thread IDs will be different. Copy and paste the links into your URL bar or open them in a new tab instead.

The two links on that thread had issues. I’ve updated them to the Discourse links.

In vBulletin they were sequential based on when the threads were created.

In Discourse, it was however the import brought them in (possibly not in the same order).