Is there actually a noticeable delay between Sandstorm and Teleop?

According to New for 2019 there’s around a half a second delay between sandstorm and teleop.

I’m wondering how noticeable this is to drivers and if anyone has actually driven in a match before what they’re experience is with the transition.

From watching videos it’s hard to tell if robots are just disoriented after sandstorm or if it being disabled for half a second is the cause of that. Since this is the first year without an actual autonomous I’m curious what switching between the periods is like while driving using a camera.

Personally I did not have a noticeable delay while I was driving and I was able to move while the curtain was coming back up

The gap is noticeable, but it is REALLY short. I was driving at a CHS competition and it took about maybe 0.5-1 seconds for the sandstorm to come up. By the time I saw the field, I was able to drive.

I don’t think that robots are disoriented because of the half second gap. Perhaps the drivers just couldn’t see during the sandstorm.

Down on the field as a coach (not a driver), I will say it’s very disorienting to figure out where things are on the field if you don’t have a solid vision aided setup. In the same CHS event as v.jagan, we were one of the only teams that ran the sandstorm period with autonomous code.

I trust our software team to get us where we need to be.

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