Is there any open spots?

For some reason, one of our coaches dragged their feet in registering us early for the championship.

We found out on Monday…and our team is bummed, big time (we were told and under the impression we were registered and booked from pre kickoff - now). Does anybody know if there will be any additional times to register, or is it 100% done, and only winning teams can register from here on out?

There should be a few spots open up. Spots are reserved for winning teams but some of those teams may already have a spot locked up and some winning teams won’t be able to afford to go. Call FIRST and see if you can get on a waiting list, good luck.

There will be at least one Championship spot opening up this evening; 931 has decided not to attend, citing too much demand on sponsors’ resources and team members’ time. We’ll see you at Boilermaker and (hopefully) IRI, but not in Atlanta this year.

If you have the time and money available, get on the waiting list. Chances are good a spot will open up.

Some winning teams won’t get to go and you might get their slot. I know we are using ours though.

We have the time, we have the money, and we definitely have the drive.

The problem is that one of our coaches has got cold feet about going, and is being incredibly hard to reason with since we’ve gotten the news. We told her it should be a team decision, but almost all of our ideas discussed at our meetings we’re not even taken into consideration. We’ve been getting unjustifyable no’s since Monday, with the only reason she can give us is that he is the only “adult” going. However, our team’s nats roster has dropped from 10 to 5 team members as of last Friday, some people can’t make it. 3 of those team members are over 18 to begin with. So to satisfy her requests, my mom will go with, so she can just register us already. The only issue is my mom won’t know 100% until late Wednesday.

Our other coach is more than supportive of us going (and the team in general, he’s been with us since '99), so hopefully we can get a spot. Apparently, he’s been notifying our other coach that we can still get on a waiting list since January, and she’s been telling him we aren’t going.

Just a heads up to future teams that the students and team members need to keep their head in administration aspects of the team throughout the season. If I would of caught wind of this in January, it would of been fixed, and our plane tickets and hotel keycards would be in our hands by Feburary.

The wait list is almost 100 teams, so even if a few teams don’t go that qualify, there are already teams waiting in the wings to take their places. There is no harm in getting on the list though.