Is there any reason to not allow anything above 4 mbps?


That’s good for the field but why haven’t the robot’s coms also been changed to 5ghz


It’S pArT oF tHe ChAlLeNgE!

(Seriously though, they are doing you a favor - no way did we actually get the promised 7mbps at Houston Champs last year)


The robots connect to the field radio via 5ghz. Read the FMS Whitepaper for more info.


I’m not sure about Java 11, but at least in Java 8 the Nashorn Javascript engine could connect to the same exact cameras that Google Chrome could. So if the camera could compress to h.264, then there would be a way to bring it up in Shuffleboard. We plan to experiment with the same thing in our own UI this year.


Who do you imagine the field is talking to?
It doesn’t communicate with anything but robots using 5GHz.


(Un)fortunately Nashorn was heavily deprecated / removed in Java 11 as part of JEP 335.


Yeah two years ago the latency grew exponentially past 5 mbps. I’d rather have a lower bandwidth reliable connection than a higher bandwidth fickle connection.


Pics or it didnt happen on that 1050Ti


@solomondg can probably elaborate, but its on the left side of the bot.


You could also argue that they’re simulating a limited bandwidth to another planet, or that requiring this limitation makes autos more important.


Last year I worked with several teams that were ‘maximizing the bandwidth’ at 7mb. The FTA would show me the team b/w while on the field. I think things ran ok with one team did this, but if two or more teams with the same usage were on at once, network traffic started to lag.


Do you have any close-ups of this bot?