Is there any scouting tool for Rapid React yet?

I was wondering if there are any apps available for scouting for the Rapid React game? I know for Infinite Recharge there was the Storm Scouting Radar, but I haven’t found one for this year yet. Any tips are appreciated.


5985 does a Collaborative Scouting Program that involves teams from different countries (and sharing scouting duties at different events). We have a design in place and the app is being created as we speak. If your team was interested in checking out the program, we’d love to set up a Zoom meeting.


Yeah, that would be great! We really appreciate it. What date/time works for you guys?

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We’re meeting right now, and will be for the next 6-7 hours! We’re in the AEDT timezone, so send me a private message and we can organise a meet-up.

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I am on that same team and out time zone is us central time. That could be a problem

I led the app dev subteam for Category 5 (3489) from 2016-2018 (you can see the apps at Do y’all have a GitHub repo that you’re using for the communal app? The new team I’ve just joined as a mentor, DiscBots (6023), is interested in building an app this year, but I’m more than happy to contribute to an existing team rather than spinning up an app dev subteam halfway through Build Season.

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PWNAGE, Team 2451, just released ScoutingPASS. We had a configuration ready for Rapid React on Jan 9th. Easy configuration is one of our goals, along with universal access, low/no bandwidth, and easy hosting.

The demo is online at Scouting PASS and the code is in GitHub. The README has a lot of information on how to get started and how to use the system.

Good luck with your season.


We’re kind of used to working at odd hours with this project. We can make it work! Most communications take place over Slack anyway.

Let me know if you’d like to set up a discussion - pick a time that works on your end and we’ll see what we can do with it!

I believe we’re using a GitHub folder, but it’s not in a shareable state at the moment. I’ll see what they’re up to this afternoon and confirm.

The team would love to have a conversation with you and 6023. Let me know if you’re interested.

Can you tell me what language and frameworks you’re using? I can help my students craft something from scratch in Ionic (JavaScript/Angular based), but if y’all are using something I’m familiar with, it might be cool too work collaboratively (coughchairman’scough).

@fuddster : I’ll check it your project! Thanks for the links!

Darn, those scratchy throats are contagious :slight_smile:

Our developer team are using Java and Flutter. We were playing with Ionic pre-COVID but lost our resident expert when they aged out.

If it matters, the collaborative part of the project isn’t so much the app development (although it does happen) but the process at competition. Basically, each of “our” teams goes to a Regional and shares scouting duties with other teams there - sharing pit Scouting duties and rostering an hour on/off during qualifiers. This way, we get excellent match coverage without burning out the scouts. All the teams share data and match reports - even if they’re in competition with each other.

This has worked quite well, and made for a rather surreal experience - particularly when both alliances in the finals are using the exact same information!

It does make for a good GP story…

Since we’re a small team (~10), having others to buttress our own meager efforts to track scouting would be nice. Please do loop me in when you get to the point that it makes sense to do so; we’ll continue developing ours in tandem, but will be ready to switch over if ours doesn’t get to a usable state within the next couple of weeks. Thanks!

Team 16 will be using the FIRES app again for scouting this season. We have used the program developed by 3138 for a couple of years. The interface for the scout is extremely easy to use and the metrics you get from it are very powerful.

This can be used as a collaborative effort with multiple teams inputing data to take the ease off of smaller teams.

Feel free to check it out here:

The STORM Scouting Radar 2022 version is now out with all new features and is available to download!

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