Ive met michel and jeniffer in the competition and didnt had a chance to take
E-mail from them so we could keep in touch.
is there anyone here from team 292 who can help me find their Email or tell them to write me at: [email protected]
thanks alot,

There is a way you can get in touch with team 292…

If you go under member list and do an advance search with the team name (0292), it will list all the members who are registered from team 292.

It is very hard to say whose michel or jennifer (unless they used their real name). But I hope that helps.

thanks for your help
but I couldnt find anyone who is related…

Have you checked their website? Some team pages list personal email addresses for people.

You could e-mail one of the members listed here and ask them if they know it or ask them to give them your e-mail.

Their website: (it doesn’t look like it’ll help much though).
look at last visited … maybe message him