Is there anyway to use the Alliance Wall to support a Climb?

  1. the ROBOT’S BUMPERS are fully above the Level’s platform and
  2. the ROBOT is only supported by:
    o surfaces of the HAB at or above that Level,
    o ALLIANCE WALL, and/or
    o another ROBOT which has climbed to that HAB Level or higher

The game manual states that a robot can be supported by the Alliance Wall, which made me wonder if there is any way to use it without causing field damage (since the sandstorm will be there) and without going outside the field. Thoughts?

Suction cup wheels.


Even if you could, the wall is only velcroed down and supported by the side walls and some of the platform.

Yeah, I’d be nervous to use the alliance wall for more than a guide.

If a robot were to fall onto the platform, intentionally or not, and come to rest against the wall, this rule would accomodate for that.

I’m not suggesting there won’t be creative solutions to use the wall in other ways, but this certainly is one “use”.

Remember G15. You can’t grab, grasp, attach to, hang on, or damage the Alliance Wall. I think @Scott358 got it dead on: The alliance wall is in there in case of a robot inadvertently using the wall as a support.


…and as a referee I’m very glad they allow that exemption. Last year, it was a pain trying to make sure that robots who set up with power cubes on the wall side didn’t have the cube leaning against the wall (since it had to be fully supported by the robot).

The HAB zone explicitly includes the HAB line, and therefore implicitly excludes the alliance wall and guard rails. As I read G15, about the only thing you can use the alliance wall for is as something to push against.

That is illegal under G15

You should also think about G15, how it prohibits “damaging,” and the polycarbonate panels in the alliance wall. Those are expensive, reused each year, and easy to scratch. Field staff will be watching closely to minimize the risk of damage.