Is There List of All Rookie Teams?

I’m trying to scrap together a quick presentation for my dad’s company about the growth of FIRST (maybe get them to give us some $$$:cool: )

So…I’m asking for help from you guys. First of all, is there a place or someone that can provide me with a list of all the rookie teams from this year? It would also be great if anyone has charts/graphs/maps showing the spread of FIRST teams since its inception. Thanks in advance.:]


“Rookie Year” color coding pins placed by “Team Location” on a series of Google Maps that progressively “step through the years” of FIRST could be an effective visual to display this.

All the data is in The Blue Alliance database. Maybe someone feeling adventurous with an API key could do it…

If you feel like counting … here. On a related note, you can make lots of interesting lists using and some options as an address.

Haha, before you count the teams on The Lucas’ list I would check the FRC 2008 At a Glance sheet

The other documents in the FRC Resource Center may be helpful as well.

On the link from the first robotics website, the rookie teams start at 2330. Lots of rookies :slight_smile:

I attached a file with the information I got using the TBA API.

Rookies 2008.txt (30.7 KB)

Rookies 2008.txt (30.7 KB)

Cool, thanks a lot everyone :slight_smile:

I don’t know how much that could be helpful to you but you can add up 5 rookie teams from Israel to your list.

Good luck with your counting!

By the way, that is really interesting to see some stats about the growth of FIRST over the years…

I attached a file with the information I got using the TBA API.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but the information in that document is at least partially wrong.

I could find team 2671 which appeared on a list as a rookie team from Maagan Michael.

There is no such team.

Apparently the teams was supposed to be opened this year but the strike had its impact.

Sad but probably true.

The list also has our team on it twice, as 2331 which was the rookie number originally assigned, and as 1025 which is our correct number assigned when it was determined we did not qualify as a rookie.

The FIRST annual report shows growth charts for each of the three programs.

That file was generated with info from If there are issues with the data, you should contact them directly.