Is there really no alternate method of inverting a SparkMAX?

so we usually factory-reset our motors in Begin and set all parameters in code rather than rely on pre-configured motors…however I cannot find a motor invert function block in the REV 3rd-party utilities other than on the intial Open function…or am I missing something? Even the CTRE Talon FX has a generic set-parameter for other settings not covered…



in LabView

I didn’t notice the NI Labview tag. Sorry, can’t help you but hopefully someone can.

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As fast as I am aware, that will kill the motor because it is being ran in sensored mode. The SparkMax commutates based on the sensor position so if you change the wiring of the power leads it’ll just put power on the wrong coils and stall


ya, we are trying to phase out the “just flip the wires” thinking in all areas…I wasn’t about to monkey around with a three-phase setup…

We had a similar issue and just removed the factory restores, Maybe just invert your commands to the motor if you feel you need the factory reset (add a negate before the motor set.

I know how to work around it, just confirming I’m not missing something. After 2 yrs I’d think it would be added so that we can do it the right way. pointless rant over (I guess)

No, you are correct. I also asked about it earlier this year. @Greg_Needel

It should be possible to open up the REV “Open” VI and extract just the invert position code and put it in it’s own VI, but I haven’t bothered because we’ve been too busy.

Why not use the one in the Open function? Do you have a reason to invert the motor mid-program?

not mid-program, after Open and facory reset we set all parameters in the code so that dropping in a new controller will not upset the robot…saves having to config the controller separately.

Factory reseting immediately after open is a best practice. It means that if you put in a new controller it will not have any settings that you don’t expect.

This is critical if you are changing controllers in emergency situations between matches.


That’s a great point, thank you (and sorry for overlooking the fact that you explained this in the OP). We’ll add this functionality to the next release of REVLib.


That would be much appreciated, thank you. …and the inevitable follow-up, when do you think that will be?

Now! Release REVLib 2022.1.2 · REVrobotics/REV-Software-Binaries · GitHub

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