Is this a good computer?

I’ve been looking at some computers on sale and have decided on this one…

HP A1230N Desktop Computer Featuring Intel Pentium 4 Processor 630 with HT Technology, 15" LCD Flat Panel Monitor and All-in-One Printer

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
One GB (1024mb) DDR2 memory
200 GB hard drive
Double-Layer multiformat LIghtScribe DVDRW drive
9-in-1 media reader (which is good b/c my current pc has no memory stick reader)

and at bestbuy it is on sale this week for $889.97 after $300 of mail in rebates.

It seems OK, depending on what it is being used for. However, watch out for HP, a few years back our family computer was an HP and so were three of her classroom computers. I almost decided to start playing with powered flyback transformers in moniters after dealing with the stupid, beyond stupid case design. To clean some RAM slots in one of the systems I had to remove the PSU, the CD drive, the hardrive, the IDE cables, and it still took me 30 mins to take it out due to a wierd drive cage setup. The HPs were also a bit unstable, but that was most likely due to the fact that three were running Windows ME, on the otther hand it wasn’t as bad as Compaq. Never, ever buy Compaq, I wouldn’t be suprised if they regularly crashed even running a UNIX based OS, they’re so bad.

looks good and really good price with 1GB mem and 200 GB HD

I would probabaly go for it. If they have with an AMD it would be very good. Otherwise depending on what you’re doing it should be good.


eh, wait its a desktop, eh rip off

It’s a good computer unless you plan on some extreme gaming and animation. Just make sure the hardware quality is reliable.

And on that note, may I suggest telling us what you plan on doing with the computer? That’d probably help with the opinions.

Yeah, you have to make sure you get something worth your money.

Also, if you have them, more detailed specs would help. Computer sompanies tend to reduce costs on cheaper boxes with things that a layman wouldn’t notice. For example, Celeron chips make the Ghz but have crummy L1 and L2 caches, for terrible performance. Another good example is hard drives, for example one of the WD Raptor drives is ~37 gigs but is considered much better than many >100 gig drives due to its much higher rpms. I don’t know if your hardware is like that, but it could be.

it does sound good but for that price …eh i’d skip it, just becuase it is a desktop.

Yeah celerons tend to be Pentiums that “dont quite” make it to standard.

I think it was about a month ago that the sale of laptops exceeded the sale of desktop computers (monthly) for the first time ever

that should tell you something :^)

yeah, laptops cost more than desktops, and i’m not going to be the one shelling out all of the money for it (my parents are) so they want me to get something that is affordably priced. as for uses, i’ll just be using it for regular tasks, school work, downloading music, vids, other applications/programs, and some gaming, so i dont really need a computer that has all the bells and whistles, like the ones with tv tuners.

That’s why the PTBs invented overclocking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, if you’re not going to be hooking this thing up to your TV to make a home-entertainment center, I’d avoid the XP Media edition and go for the home edition. Also, I’m going to assume it’s an integrated graphics card, so you’re going to want to get at least a cheap 64 MB video card for your gaming (unless your games of choice were made in the 90’s). You’re going to want to know what type of expansion slots are in it as well. Also, high-quality CRT’s (and I’d actually suggest something in the 17" variety) are much better for watching videos and gaming, and are generally cheaper.

My next step is to ask you to post the exact specs for every piece that you’ve listed. The reason I ask is I built a nigh-top of the line machine great for everything you’ve listed and thensome (I can animate :D) for under $600 a couple months ago, and I can’t really compare yours since you didn’t give too much on what exactly you’re getting. If you know what you’re doing and don’t mind waiting about a month, you can build a really great machine on the cheap. Before buying, even if you don’t plan on building your own, I’d suggest at least checking out Pricewatch and Tigerdirect. You may find something interesting.

My final note is that I’m baised aganst packages such as what you’d find at Best Buy and other stores. I kinda like tinkering around inside of machines though, so YMMV. Also, networking your new computer with your old one is extremely fun. Just saying. :wink:

Ok tear down time:

    2)The Processor in plain english is a 3.00 GHz which is OK by todays gaming standards
  2. There was no mention of the graphics card so that leads me to assume its crap and gaming with this box will be a joke
    4)A 15 inch LCD runs about 200 dollars, a printer about 100 so you are now at about 600 dollars for the computer, its not worth it in my opinion, goto and purchase a computer with similar specs not including the Hard drive specs and you will get a better deal, also the RAM from Dell is a ripoff alot of the time so i would recomend get the bare minium ram an spend the money for a 200 gig HD and gig of RAM from a place like or

If you have fallen in love with this computer then get it,
If you want a gamming computer laugh and walk away,
If you want an office type comp with light gaming look at a little cheaper or build your own, the great people at can help you there

Computer Nerd,

Yeah, I’m also going to put in a nay vote. Most big stores such as Best Buy like to put in shiny stuff to entice the buyer (i.e., that 9-1 media thingie which you may never even need), or offer rebates out the wazoo to make it seem like you’re getting a deal. Again, you’re buying something that you’re going to have for the next 3-5 years. It’s my opinion here that you’re a): getting a bad deal, and b): even if it was a good deal, it’s still not that great of a computer. It can’t even do everything you want out of the box. Here’s a little perspective:

P4 3.0GHz, 800 MHz bus
1 GB dual channel DDR RAM
Windows XP home edition (and I’d be running Linux if I didn’t need Windows for my games)
256 MB G-Force video card
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (compatable with 7.1)
52X CD/16X DVD burner
Generic 3.5 floppy drive (just because :p)
Netgear Gigabit Ethernet card
100 MB SATA hard drive (which was actually my major expense because I needed the hard drive quickly, long story; you can find a better deal than what I got on that easily)
Some very nice 2.1 gaming speakers that light up (I only mention this because the sound is excellent, and works great with my sound card).

That’s my computer (and I just know I forgot something; I’m half-asleep), and it cost just under $600. It’s primarily a gaming rig, but it can do everything else that you mentioned and thensome.

If you’ve never built a computer before, now would be a great time to learn. Heck, if you have questions, there are many capable people here who’d be happy to give you some advice. My advice for the day: don’t buy that Best Buy computer.