Is this a legal Digital Sidecar configuration?

Hey guys! I had a question about the control system rules.
Because of our lack of a need for more modules on our prototype. Would this be legal if we were using the 8 slot crio? And yes we would be securing the digital side car.

I see no reason as to why that’d be illegal.

Very clever btw.

Should be perfectly legal and a very good use of space.

Now I regret buying those 4 slot cRIOs. Very intelligent.

To give an excuse for this post, here’s the specific rule:

As of this moment in time, I am telling my team members of this ingenious plan.

Indeed you are… heh… and we will definitely be doing something like this… if only we had a shorter ribbon cable… Anyone know where to get a short ribbon cable for this?

Great idea BTW… it’ll save us a ton of space…

Step 1: Find the rework instructions on the FIRST site.
Step 2: Follow the rework instructions, without flipping the connector ends around.
Step 3: Verify that you did it right.

You now have a shorter cable.

It looks like they just folded the ribbon cable under the sidecar. Since we aren’t using pneumatics this year either, this will probably be happening on our robot. Thank you for the photo.

Thanks! Ill go look at them instructions and get to work…
Although… not yet… I think I’ll wait until we have everything finalized, because it would suck if I cut it down and we ended up needing it long again…

Can’t you just disassemble one end of the cable, clip the cable shorter, then screw the end back on so it penetrates the casings? I may be thinking of something else.

It’s not a screw-together, though you can use screws to attach. Use a vise or something similar to put the squeeze on it. (It’s a clip-type release.) But yes, that is the general idea.

Okay, cool.

Brilliant Idea.

This is exactly what we decided to do this year, trying to maximize our space efficency. We used zip ties to secure the sidecar, onto the cRIO and also placed a piece of cardboard pushed down under it covering the connectors to prevent stuff from getting in them.

Works like a champ!