Is this a thing?

Looking for a 90 degree beveled gearbox with a through half inch hex.

I can’t say I’ve seen one. I’ve BUILT similar setups but not for FRC (and for smaller, and round, main shafts).

You MIGHT be able to modify a VersaPlanetary 90 kit output gear to use 1/2" instead of 3/8". Or you might be able to sleeve 1/2" hex onto a 3/8" hex shaft outside that same setup. (McMaster’s hex stock in aluminum will need some modification to fit those specs.)

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Andy Mark worm drive gearbox? Accepts a cim/minicim/falcon but will create a reduction…

The VersaPlanetary 90 degree kit is capable of doing this, you can check the versaplanetary manual for specifics.

Edit: Oops, I remembered it wrong, the VP can do two perpendicular shafts, but not a coaxial shaft.

No, your thought is correct. You need to play some games with the output side but it’s definitely doable. The particular setup shown in that video is with an adapter and a geartrain on one side, which isn’t what we’re after here.

And, actually… VersaPlanetary 90 degree kit. Replace the OUTPUT bevel gear with a 15T 1/2" hex bevel gear (same source). As long as the shaft can clear the input gear, you’re golden…and I’m not seeing any reason it wouldn’t.

Totally possible. The tricky part is attaching a motor to it. I know my team would just use a hex-to-falcon-spline-adapter with two standard vex bevel gears and some 2x2 aluminum extrusion. If you’re looking for a cots solution I would use one of these: 1:1 LJ Bevel Box with 0.5 in. Hex Output Shaft - AndyMark, Inc

You should be able to swap out the hex shaft provided with a standard hex and the round bearing with a hex bearing.

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The only issue is the round bearing housing diameter is .875 so you wouldn’t be able to use 1/2 in hex.

Edit: I stand corrected, it is a 1.125 od bearing

Arma bot has one



I have to say, I appreciate this extremely cursed product image. I know what they were going for, but it reminds me of those aliexpress 3d printer hotends that assemble all the pieces backwards in the listing picture.

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Actually that bearing is 1.125 od. So you could easily replace it with a 1/2 in hex. image|690x106

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