Is this an FRC record?

I was just wondering if any of you know of an FRC robot that is larger than our robot this year. Since our 2015 season is done, we want to make some memorial plates commemorating our achievement and want to make sure it is a legitimate record. We measured our robot DERP today and ended up with a 31’ 9" total wingspan. Here is a video of it competing at the Oklahoma Regional last weekend for those who havent seen it


Look up 1987.

You guys are definitely bigger than 1987, however any robot with a tether can theoretically achieve a larger length than yours is.

That being said your robot is an engineering marvel. Phenomenal job thinking outside any box whatsoever.

Nice job. Definitely bigger than 1987. Impressive engineering. What awards have you won for it?

We got the creativity award at the Oklahoma regional and got to talk to the president of FIRST for like 10 minutes about our robot.

I figured you might have won the creativity award. Cool beans.

That’s pretty incredible. I like the casual reach-over-to-the-step-grab-container that you had going there. Are STEP containers the only containers that you can use, or if someone were to bring you another, could you direct the arm to grab it? Also, really clever to move the robot rather than the stack.

Whoever made “Stretchy and Fetchy” in Israel looked to be similar, but i dont think it could go as far as yours.

Ah, while I’m not quite sure about whether there are larger bots out there, I can tell you that I wasn’t quite expecting a bot as large as yours.

Now I’m wondering about how your team came up with the design, because it’s like an entire factory, all in one.

Great job!

Your robot was defiantly bigger than 1987; however it seemed a lot less efficient than 1987. Is your robot fully automated like 1987 or is it totally driver controlled? 1987 could push out 4 to 4.5 six stacks per match, I was wondering what your max capacity per match was?

I know in 2003 T3 (68) had a field-wide bot (unfolding blockade) that was ruled illegal… IIRC that was the record pre-2015 (if you want to count it, IIRC it didn’t see competetion?)

Drive Trains are overrated

could i see a video of 1987 doing this the only video i have of them is getting zero totes stacked. heads up i don’t think they ever did this because then they would be considered better then 1114 who can get 3.5-4 per match and they are the best robot in the competition

First, 1750 you have an amazing robot. I didn’t think it was possible to go to the far scoring platform with a conveyor. I would love to see even more video of it. Congratulations!!!

Also, you definitely win on size in comparison to us. You probably have the record as of now.

1114 caps their stacks while we require the help of another team to cap ours. It is not really comparable as individuals. 1114 wins!

However we were able to push out four 6 six stacks at buckeye (see photo). There were about 25 seconds left when we finished, as our partners had used the other totes. We believe we can push out five 6 stacks and empty the totes from the human loading station, but have not yet achieved in a match.

There is some video of 4 stacks in another thread.

While their wingspan isn’t quite as large, 365 in 2002 reached across most of the width of the field and had a tether to cover the length. I don’t remember if 71 had a tether that year.

The field is only 54 feet wide so there is truly a maximum but for practical purposes you guys probably have reached the longest length.

Also it looks to be a very cool robot.

Regardless of record - that is one heck of a robot! definitely one of my favorite robots this season!

Yes, the end of our crane is actually a suction cup, we can grab containers on their side using that, however, we found that for upright containers it was easier to stick the whole suction cup inside the hole and pull it from there

your robot is cool, and I have a question or two
why not set it up in the 60 seconds before the match instead of doing the things in auto? were you having trouble getting it down to just a minute? (it would let you canburgle in auto)

also how on earth did you get that under 120 lbs?

You cannot start in the auto zone, which they would be sitting in if they did expand before the start of the match.