Is this climb concept legal?


This count as lvl3 climb without folding it back after the “climb”?


What in the rules would make you believe that this is not a legal climb?


If after the robot had landed on the 3rd platform, the mechanism used to reach it was raised up so as not to be touching level 1 anymore, then it would be considered a level 3 HAB climb


If you stay within 30 inches of your frame perimeter and are not in contact with anything but the top surface of one of the HAB levels, then it is a legal way to climb to level 3.


Also keep in mind bumper height rules if your back end is past the HAB line


Looks like you ticked off all the boxes to me.
Bumpers above lvl 3
Fully supported by lvl 3 (i.e. not in contact with anything below the lvl 3 platform.).

Like it.


While in the Hab zone the bumper height rules do not apply, but your bumpers must be fully inside the Hab zone. See game rule ‘G23’.