Is this considered damaged?

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It appears that the 1999 Championship Chairman’s and the 2003 Buckeye Chairman’s banners are from Team 120, the 2003 Buckeye Winner banner is from Team 541, the 2005 Buckeye Winner banner is from Team 274, and the 2007 Buckeye Winner and 2007 Curie Division Winner banners are from Team 1270. All of those teams are out of Cleveland, so it’s probably a shared practice facility. However, 541 and 274 haven’t existed since 2005 and 1270 hasn’t existed since 2013, so maybe they merged together at some point.

As best I can understand it:
1999 Chairman’s Award Winner - Team 120 (Cleveland, OH)
2003 Buckeye Regional Chairman’s Award - Team 120 (Cleveland, OH)*
2003 Buckeye Regional Winners - Team 541 (Cleveland, OH) - Now defunct
2005 Buckeye Regional Winners - Team 274 (Cleveland, OH) - Now defunct
2007 Florida Regional Winners - Team 1270 (Cleveland, OH) - Now defunct
2007 Curie Division Winners - Team 1270 (Cleveland, OH) - Now defunct

I’d assume that this is either a shared build space and/or there has been some mentor/sponsor turnover between those defunct teams and 120.

*For reference, there was a period where HoF teams were allowed to resubmit for Chairman’s every season, unlike the current 5 year ban or the previous total ban.

There we go, makes sense now. Sorry for derailing the thread.

Just a wee bit less squeeze please. Don’t be in such a “Rush To Recycle” the Containers. Lol. (That looks like it was run over by a robot, not simply placed upon a stack of Totes). Everyone should be required to bring their nice fresh RC’s with them to the competitions, they repeatedly damage one like that, FIRST and their FTA’s can trade w/ them out w/ the offending teams. That’s 1 expensive game pc. to destroy too often (lowest I have even seen the lids so far is $15.00 Ea. plus shipping, container w/ lid upwards of $54.00 Ea. plus shipping). Ouch.