Is this FisherPrice motor legal?

We just don’t want to show up to comp and because of an extra 0 our bot isnt legal.
Rule [R48] States

D. up to 2 FisherPrice motors (acceptable part #s are 000968-9012, 00968-9013, 00801-0673, and 00968-9015),

We want to use a FP we got in a previous years kit but there is a 0 missing. Rules state “000968-9012” but the FP we have is “00968-9012”. See the picture below. Are these 2 different motors?
Thanks for your input

EDIT: Realized in my rush to post I posted this in the wrong section. Sorry about that.

same motor , you are good - I have seen many of these motors 2 or 3 leading zeroes


Solution: Sharpie marker? :cool:

That’s likely a mistake in the manual. All other FP’s start with 009 or 008, so I would bet money that it’s a typo in the manual.