Is This Happening to anyone else? (C++)


Right now we are running into an issue with the six jaguars and one victor we are using. When we have our 4 drive jags set up (as either separate objects or as part of a RobotDrive Object), it behaves normally. When we have our shooter (2 jags and 1 victor) set up - without the drive jags - it behaves normally. The second we let them play together, things start exploding - aka we can’t drive ANYTHING. I’m able to print values to the DS via DriverStationLCD, but it seems those values have no effect when I tell them to do things with (ObjectName).Set().

Even INITIALIZING them causes this issue; I didn’t even give the drive jags values to run with and it stopped working. Tried two different computers, one with the complicated (i.e. Main) code and mine with a stupid simple test setup.

A: Any Ideas?
B: Any one else running into this?

Are you sure you are using unique PWM channels for each controller? We have 2 jags, 8 victors and 6 spikes playing well together.

It’s actually one of the very first things we checked. For reference, one of the other mentors on my team e-chatted with a guy from the WPILib team and said it might have to do with us not powering the sidecar (which we aren’t…whoops).

Good catch - that will kill you every time!

Good luck this year!