Is this idea crazy -- measurements to come

Alright, so I came up with this crazy idea after finishing my the Chairman’s essay (my team is small so we all kind of just do everything)… Any way… I thought of using an arm-like mechanism that works almost as an elevator in the sense that it can go from the ground up to maybe 3 feet? I haven’t decided on it’s max height yet, but the arm has two extensions that are rollers, and their distance would be adjustable in order to be able to pick up both upside down and right side up totes… It sounds complicated, but would it actually work?

Anything can be made to work.

Is it in line with your strategy on how to play the game?

What is the need for the rollers? If the rollers are providing gripping force on the tote/bin, what benefit doe the rollers give? I’m assuming you plan to hold one at a time with this design, but if you plan to hold more are they going to be supported?

And as he said, does it fit with your teams current strategy plan for how to play the game? :slight_smile:

Now, I’m not sure exactly what the intentions were of the original design, but I believe the rollers simply help get the box off the floor, instead of a. having to change the angle of the whole arm or b. have the arm on an elevator in order to get the box off the ground.

Keep in mind that the bins are tapered, so you’ll need to provide inward force in some way.
Are you planning on just moving one tote at a time? You’ll need an elevator to get big stacks.