Is this legal?

Is this legal?
It does not break any bumper rules because there is a frame supporting all bumpers with no gaps. Also, the ball only extends a max of 3 inches into the frame.

Yes i believe that is legal

I don’t see any rules violations.

I might as well ask this here instead of starting another thread about it. So would this be legal?

Where are the bumpers?

Assuming the bumpers are on the outside of the rectangle, then yes, provided that the extensions don’t go beyond the bumper perimeter and drop back in within 2 seconds after deploying (<G30>).

According to <R16> this is illegal. You could not push the robot up against a wall and have it be flat on the frame’s face.

Ok so you could do that but you would have to pull the mechanism back in after 2 seconds. I’m starting to see this as possible, but it’ll probably be a waste of time.

Along with the 2 seconds, it also cannot extend the bumper perimeter (in which your’s may or may not be <3 inches)

I thought the frame was the black line.

For the clarification on this ruling refer to the robot section of the manual, specifically <R19> and the image that follows this rule.

This pretty much answers all questions that teams may have on “possession”.

Hope to have helped, and good luck to all teams!

Pranit Trivedi
Team 188