Is this legal?

Hello, I’m wondering if directly placing game pieces into a robot’s hopper is legal. Any help is appreciated!

Yes you can there is no rule against.

I think this is a legal move, just be careful not to put your hands in the playing field. Are you able to further describe what you were thinking?

Take a look at G01 - that covers placing balls in your robot at the start of the match.

As for during the match, check out section 3.1.6 Human Actions. That explicitly tells you what the human player may and may not do.

If there is nothing in the rules against it, then it is legal

…Inbounders must remain behind the Starting Line during the Match.

That would seem to be 4 feet away from the feeding slot. Good luck with reaching…

Theoretically, yes, but as the starting line is farther away than some people are tall, it would seem to be impossible. Do you really need to? Is there any alternative? You might want to find one.

It’s legal, as long as you don’t stick your hand into the field.