Is this legal?

Can I paste an Apriltag where it says shoot here and disrupt the opponent’s limelight?

If this is not legal, can I use a felt tip pen and draw an April tag there and do the same thing?

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You cannot. R203, Blue Box example C.

R203 *General safety. ROBOT parts shall not be made from hazardous materials, be unsafe, cause an unsafe
condition, or interfere with the operation of other ROBOTS. 

Examples of items that will violate this rule include (but are not limited to):
C. any devices or decorations specifically intended to jam or interfere with the
remote sensing capabilities of another ROBOT, including vision systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infrared proximity detectors, etc. (e.g.
including imagery on your ROBOT that utilizes or closely mimics 36h11

In re-reading that rule, considering some teams are not just using april tags and are using vision in general, would any intentional visual obstruction now start falling afoul of this rule as it interferes with a robots remote sensing capabilities? If so where is the line where robot design crosses into intentional interference ?



Basically when the head ref thinks you’re being malicious.

Blocking camera FOV = always legal
Imitating a target = never legal

Part of your robot happens to look like a target = exasperated head ref.

It is completely legal for your robot to wear a cardboard box hat to reach the maximum robot size, for any reason. Could even sell billboard space. maybe a sponsor’s logo looks like a vision target


I heard that some teams were having issues where the event/broadcast displays were interfering with vision tracking because they would “see” the big bright AprilTag on the screen, but I never heard how the teams or FIRST addressed the issue.

This happened at AZ Valley to a few teams. I got pulled away so I don’t know how it was addressed, but it happened infinitely less as the day went on.

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Every team should be perfectly allowed to build whatever they want within their build volume. (that fits the other rules)

You should not be obligated to make tags visible because you built a tall robot.


I totally agree with you

still no…

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Yeah this was us. We just messed with settings on the LL where we were still satisfied with our sight of the tag while not garnering too much interference from the screen that would affect our shot

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