Is this Motor Legal?

BOSCH CEP 9 390 453 052
I believe it was a motor for a windshield wiper.
It has 80 RPM, maximum torque is 38 Nm and its 56 W.
So can I use it?
Thanks anyway.

I’m not an expert, but according to R34 in the manual, that motor isn’t listed so I would assume it’s not allowed. There’s only one Bosch automotive motor listed, it would be worth checking out the chart though if you wanna see for yourself.

R34 is the rule that describes what motors are allowed.

The GDC really cut down on the allowed automotive motors this year. The only ones allowed are specifically on the chart in R34. Yours does not appear to be one of them.

I was hoping that there were some restrictions based on the specifications of the motor, but now I see that they specify that only motors in that list are allowed.
Thanks for the reply.

You can always ask in the FRC Q&A to see if they would allow it because it is a previous KOP motor similar to the Denso 262100-3030, but it’s a very slim chance.

Am I the only person who can’t find any of the AM motors listed on the actual AM website?

Found most of them; I believe all the ones I couldn’t find are discontinued.

Here are the other PGs from AndyMark.

Andymark moved a lot around and changed a lot. The motors are still there but have different numbers. Maybe cause in some cases something like the output shaft changed from round to hex etc

Thank you. I guess I was typing something in wrong for the 775 motors used in the PG gearboxes.

Even on the old AM website, it was sometimes difficult to determine the motor part number for the PGs. As for the new website, I’m still underwhelmed in so many ways.