Is this normal for photo vision?

Our camera feed frequently turns into the yellow loading screen as shown above. I can’t figure out if it is the cameras issue, a faultyusb connection, or a software issue. Usually the camera works fine for only a short period of time.

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Are you intending to run Photon vision itself on your laptop? Normally you want to run it on a raspberry Pi or some other sort of co-processor.

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This tends to happen when the camera is trying to connect to the web server. Try reloading the page a couple of times and if that doesn’t work, restart the compressor. If that doesn’t work, try a different camera / make sure the camera works.


Please follow this guide step by step to get PV setup. Getting Started - PhotonVision Docs

The camera going in and out for a multitude of reasons, but your most stable option will be using an actual coprocessor (not running Windows). Try these and report back if the issue persists.

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I am running the camera on the coprocessor that we are intending to put on the robot. I just connected it to a monitor.

I followed those directions and was I not supposed to download windows on my coprocessor?

I’ll try a different camera

If you are planning on using photonvision, it would need to be installed on the coprocessor instead of windows.

Wait, I’m a little confused right now. Our co processor is a mini computer that we installed the windows os on. The camera is connected directly to the coprocessor with usb. Was I not supposed to download windows on the coprocessor?

This happens frequently for us too. We’re going to try re-flashing the coprocessor image. It looks like it has a memory leak on ours. The Photonvision dashboard reports it’s using 7.4gb out of 1gb for ram on our 8gb raspberry pi. I don’t know what version of the image we have right now so it might fix it if you flash it with the latest version.

I’ll check for memory leak to see if that’s the issue

I’d generally reccomend installing Linux.

@dh28567 what version? Haven’t heard of memory leaks before recently. And hardware.

Mine always reports high ram usage but I’ve never seen it increase, so I’m not sure it’s a leak. Probably just a reporting bug.

To the OP: what computer and what camera? I and what version? I saw a lot of this early on in my testing but it was usually caused by identical cameras being plugged in or buggy early versions. Toggling between dash kard and settings can do it too. Refreshing the page should fix it in most cases.


I need to check what coprocessor and camera on Monday

Ok, I’ll try linix

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We are using a raspberry pi model 4b with 8gb of ram. I don’t know what version of the image, I don’t think it is the latest one though. I am going to update it on Saturday, and if that fixes it I’ll update this message.

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I updated the pi and it is still having the same issues. In the settings tab it is reporting the CPU memory usage as 7581 MB of 948 MB. Power cycling or refreshing the page still works to fix it

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And what issues is this causing? Does it eventually have an OOM error?

When this happened to us, we just refreshed the page. The page was stuck and not connecting to the camera. It worked when we refreshed. I think its just a connection issue. We also run PhotonVision on a laptop.

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Make sure your stuff is up to date.