Is this possible in LabView?(Setting Pressure)

This is a more of a “Is this possible?” thread. My team has drawn up a plan for a kicking device. They want it to have three pressure settings and to have that pressure set by pushing an assigned button. The three settings would be like a low, medium, and high pressure. My question is: Is this possible to do in labview? It would be 3 buttons that would set the pressure to low,medium,and high. The pressure would also have to back forth from like high to medium back to high. If it is possible, how would I go about starting this code? Thanks!

Edit : if three pressures can’t be set, can three “positions” be set to stop at or some other way?

Coding is only one part of this task to consider. You have to find a way to actually provide the different pressures to the cylinder before you know how to program it.

See this thread for some possible ideas

Thanks for the speedy response! I will look into the thread.

For controlling the pressure I would just use the joystick buttons. There is a VI in Labview that you can use to easily access the buttons on the joysticks.

As for the pressure what about limiting the flow of air rather than limiting the pressure. You could use 3 different orifices (think washers with different sized holes) on 3 different valves.

Anything is possible…

You might look at a controllable regulator

You could send the signal to the pressure controller and have whatever amount of pressure you would need.

If you need three different pressure settings here’s what you do. You have three regulators on different lines leading from the air tank to a junction at the piston. Downstream of each regulator, you have a different solenoid. Wire up your joystick in labview so that the buttons on your joystick can fire each of the three solenoids independently. This gives you three different pressure settings and some very easy labview code to write.

My team worked on this idea today, not just me.

That’s a lot of weight… But I actually don’t have a good idea of how I would tackle the problem…

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If you are trying to change the speed of your kicker, you can keep the pressure setting the same and change the flow. You can valve different flow controls to deliver different flow rates thus different kick speeds. Just remember to control the out flow and not the in flow to the cylinder so you don’t starve it of air. Flow controls are a bit lighter than additional regulators.