Is this strategy possible?

My team has been talking for most of the morning about a possible strategy for the shooting of the disks. They have been considering having the robot sit in the feeding station and launch discs across the field fro points. Being in the feeder station they would be constantly fed disks and they wouldn’t need something to pick up disks off the ground.

Is there any rules that anybody thinks we would be violating with this strategy? and how feasible is it to make a launcher that can shoot that far and accurately? I would like some feedback because I am still a little iffy on this idea but I dont have any proof or rule saying that this isnt possible of feasible. If this is possible and no rules against it I’m all for it but i guess i need some comfort haha ::rtm::

Check out the conversation here. Good stuff.

Is it possible? Probably. Is it feasible? That’s up for you to decide, really.

This same sort of discussion occurred last year, but considering how much more consistently the frisbees fly than the RR balls, I can see at least one team managing to make it work.

There certainly aren’t any rules against it, however.