Is this the correct way to move a motor forward then back in labview?

I’m trying to make a motor move forward then pause then go backwards all with one press of a button in lab view. I think I figured it out but i’m not to sure if I did it correctly.

Don’t you want it to stop at the end?
What you have will [strike]work[/strike] do something, but after the first button press the motor will always be left running.

The Flat Sequence Structure isn’t normally done as three separate, individual structures.
Normal usage is to have a single Flat Sequence Structure, right click on a side edge and choose Add Frame After to add another frame.

To make a flat sequence structure, you right-click on the first panel and then a little windowish thing pops up. click on “add frame after” and you will have two frames.

Good Luck!

Okay, I think i fixed it. Is it perfect now?

It will work, but I was just told that sequence structures don’t do well in teleop. I heard that they work best in the periodic tasks VI. Here is a pic of what it may also look like.

Now it would run once, then never run again.

The Close should not be used.

Instead, add a frame at the end to set the motor to 0 speed.

Mark is right.

Yes, I already have it in periodic task. Thanks for the example.

Now I got to add the 0 to the set output. Thanks.

You are welcome.