Is this the new scripting code?

First link there

Found the site while browsing through another thread, and I’m fairly certain that thats the code for it, not sure how it gets the command from anywhere, but that seems to be parsing them.


Assuming that the first description says this, I’ll have to say “Yes, it is the same code!”

Raw build directory of the scripted navigation demo shown at the kick-off. An updated version is in the works.

All the commands + descriptions are in robot.h in that file, as I understand it you put those into the matrix in commands.h, with any paramaters, from there the stuff in robot.c takes it line by line and executes functions based on what you did there. Its a pretty simple system, but it can probably get pretty powerful later on

Yes, this is a zipped-up copy of the build directory for the code we demo’d at the kick-off. As we finished the code the night before the kick-off and we needed to get the code to the FIRST IT guys ASAP, we (Rich Petras and myself) zipped-up the code and sent it off just as the kick-off ended. Hopefully FIRST will post it somewhere in the near future. In the coming days I hope to polish the code a bit (the gyro code is still rough) and start posting updates.

Were the 'bots at the demo made with the kit sensors then? The accelorometer and gear tooth sensor (Hall Effect sensor)? Or were quadrature encoders and gyros added?