Is this the snowiest year ever?

It is reported that 49 of the fifty states now has snow on the ground. Hawaii is the only one with no snow on it’s two highest volcanoes. I have been on Mauna Kea when the wind chill was below zero and the snow was blowing while it was 80 down on the beach.
Enjoy your winter everyone.

Up here in Toronto we are having a nearly snowless winter, north of Toronto Bracebridge and Minden ontario got five feet of snow but in the City it’s been mostly clear and dry, at least there is good snow in collingwood and barrie ski country area where they need it.

In BC where the winter olympics are happening it’s way too warm and rainy.

I’m wondering how hot this summer will be.

This is definitely not the Warlocks’ snowiest year. Living close to Buffalo, NY, we tend to get a lot of lake effect. However this year we haven’t had one snow day. I think our snowiest year ever was in '08 when we could only send our drivers and safety captain to RIT for the Finger Lakes Regional because of a driving ban.

What are you talking about!

Hawaii has consistent high 50’s, low 60’s this winter which is the equivalent to a snow storm in the mainland!:stuck_out_tongue: Seriously.

It is in Maryland.
In the Baltimore area, the 2009-2010 winter season has had the most snowfall of any on record, breaking the record for February with 49.2 inches (125 cm) in the first 10 days and a seasonal total of 79.7 inches (202 cm) as of February 11, 2010.
And it’s snowing right now.
A local favorite:

Actually, here in north Idaho, we have had maybe in inch of snow at any given time.

It is strange because last year there was several feet of snow just during the month of December, but this year even during the coldest part of the year it rarely snowed and very few times did the temperature drop below 20 degrees (not including windchill- this year was very windy.)

I find it funny that the east coast is getting so much snow when we have gotten so little.

There has been an abnormally small amount of snow in RI this year.

Here in metro Atlanta, we usually get snow about once every other year, but this year was something else. I don’t think we’ve had snow this good since about 2008, but even then, it was barely enough. This year on the other hand, it snowed for four straight hours and gave us a good 2-3 inches.

Hahha, I just reread my post and I bet some people in the north are like, “We get snow for four straight days.”

here in the dc area, we literally have almost 3 feet of snow, and it has wrecked our build season. We got a week off and on 4 of those days the roads had a foot of snow piled on them and we couldn’t do anything. We’ve probably lost a whole week due to snow this year


I have a snowball with your name on it !!!

WC :cool:

No we are thinking “2-3 inches is an inconvience, girl scouts are still out selling cookies door to door and it’s not even deep enough to take the snowblower out yet.”

Glenn, I went up to Mauna Kea on Dec 28 or 29 with a tour and watched a family from California get out without jackets and almost freeze to death. Saw a moonbow on the way down though. 50’s and 60’s?!? It was above 30 here on Saturday and I had my coat open trying to get some rays.

I guess you’re not enjoying the sun out there in NJ. :smiley:
Maybe we’ll feel your pain in 2011.

My kids keep yelling at me about not going East for a regional again.

hmm is this the snowiest year ever?

allow me to post for all Dallas Teams . .


We got another 2-3" of snow today. We were so complacent about it that I didn’t even see snow plows on the side of the road. It’s like it’s all just numbing now (no pun intended). The school is still closed since they “didn’t dig out enough school buses” (lol) so it looks like we’re back in the garage tomorrow.

On the upside, the students are getting a GOOD appreciation for their beloved power tools at the school. Hand tools are good enough, but they take twice as long.

It really hasn’t been too bad here in Minnesota… a bit more than previous years, but we only canceled one meeting. So long as it stops snowing (or stops enough) by the end of school, we meet. I guess that’s the price you pay for having a new, amazing workshop off of the school’s campus.

So how about that global warming!:stuck_out_tongue:

We haven’t had a ton here, but they closed a lot of schools for the snow that is really coming down right now.

2007 in Oswego New York was…

As Mark said, here in Toronto area, we’ve had a remarkably snow-less winter. All you folks south of the border must have stolen it all…

Here in Kincardine (Southwestern Ontario) we have had less snow than normal. We have had around 4 snow days, which is about half of what we usually have by this point. There is only like a foot of snow on the ground. Hoping for more…

It’s a far cry from a few years ago when the school (and all the highways) were closed for a full week during the build season.

Judging from the Canadian posts, I think it’s a conspiracy. We create air pollution that causes acid rain up there. They are sending the deadly white rain down here to get even. :smiley: