Is your FRC Season Over?

If you are not going to anymore regionals and you are not going the nationals, then have I got a deal for you.
This event is being put on by team 842 in partnership with team 1290, ASU Ira Fulton School of Engineering and the ASU WISE program. It will be webcast live. The event is in Chandler , AZ June 8,9,10 2007. If you questions please conatct me at [email protected]. Hope to see some more FIRST teams there!!

Sadly, Team 007 will be unable to attend due to a few factors, including, but not limited to: size of team, budget, and distance (as we’re a good 27 or 28 hundred miles away).

The offer is wonderful, but sadly, we must decline. Best of luck to all.

you know the FIRST season is never over . . it just pauses a while so you can get some sleep.

Is anyone doing anything closer to SoCal?

We are only six hours away…
We can even possible arrange some housing with our team members depending on the size of your team.

id say my team is in , but VA is a bit far away

Yes it is a little too far. Oh well

We are fortunate in this area (mid-Atlantic stretching up into NY state and New England and down to VA) to have an active “off-season.” Looks like it begins in May this year.
Get caught up on your sleep, your homework, all those end of the year SAT’s, ACT’s, AP’s, HSA’s, visit a college over spring break and get ready for the “next” season in FIRST.

what off season events?

Here is the start. Look at the 2006 calendar to get the bigger picture.

ps. send Kathie your additions:
[email protected]

SCRRF will be holding the Fall Classic again in October somewhere in the greater LA area. There has also been some discussion of an August event.

We need a team or teams to volunteer to host the event(s). As teams 599 and 207 can tell you, this is not for the faint of heart. When we have a location we can start working out other details. 599 and 207 get a free pass (work wise anyway), they have done their share, time for others to step up.

At a minimum we need a space approx 90’x90’ with spectator seating (like a high school gym) and additional space about the same size for the pit area.

A double gym setup works well, but it is not the only way to do this. One bad thing about gyms is we have to be concerned about damaging the floor. For the Scrimmage we used 207’s round cafeteria with pits arrainged around the field. This worked out really well. A theater might work if the procenium is at least 60’ and preferably 74’ and there is a facility we can use for the pits nearby. Get ceative!

If you have a facility that can hold 20-30 teams and are willing to take this on please PM me or see me at San Diego (I’ll be inspecting or hanging with the BeachBots)

Check the NEMO calendar posted above for a couple, but also monitor the off-seasons events forum. There was the Virginia Robot Rumble last year during the Va. State fair, and in 2005 there was the Capitol Clash in Washington DC (we can hope for it to return in 2007). There are rumors of other events in the Richmond/DC area as well. If you’re willing to travel a bit further Ramp Riot (near Philadelphia) and the Duel on The Delaware are always a fun events to kick off a new season (typically held in October/November). A couple hours further you can attend PARC ¶ or Monty Madness (NJ) in May, or Brunswick Eruption (NJ) in November.