Isaac16 Motherboard

I was reading the inovvation First site and on they have the Isaac16 for sale and extra motherboards. What I was wondering if the Isaac 16 we got in the kit has this feature of a removable motherboard.

Without removing any screws, you can remove the circuit board and jumpers from the controller, but the only chip left is very small and presumably used to interface the LED’s and jumpers or something.
After removing three (of four) screws, there does appear to be two easily separated circuit boards inside. I didn’t want to void the warranty since it’s not my controller, so I didn’t look any further than that.

Since you can leave the external circuit board on your robot, and just transfer the box to another robot, I would guess that the chip you saw on the board was the memory for storing your robot’s program. The rest of the contoller (in the box) includes all the outputs, which a dead robot doesn’t need.

The Issac16 in the kit has a removable motherboard. The thing with all the inputs and outputs is the motherboard, and the black box that it snaps in to is the actual Issac16 unit. You shouldn’t need to unscrew anything.