ISCS project: jdogs - cdogs in java

So, for independent study, two others and myself, have been working on a game. Its not quite ready for releasing, however I am proud of the work put into it, and the results so far. Its a knock-off of the popular cdogs by Ronny Wester.

Included in the attachment is all the source code, images and .java files needed.

You can switch weapons with 1-9, and some of the ‘f’ keys as well. I don’t know exactly what state the game is in right now, whether the collision boxes are turned on or not. If they are, sorry, i’ll continue to post updated versions as we turn them out.

Anyhow, if you’re going to review it, please post comments about weapons we should include, etc.

future things we’ll include:
-Über weapon
-portal gun

Most of the artwork is done by myself, however I do need to thank A.Broerman for his work with the character. Some of the game engine code was taken from tutorials, and we need to give credit to those places.
–for the screenmanager, and core class:

Also, please do not redistribute the files.

Last note: This only works with the latest java. So, you might want to upgrade. A batch file is included to run it, called runMap.bat. (1.96 MB) (1.96 MB)