Check this out… ROTFL

Introducing the iSegway…

… Yikes.

  • Katie

The Mac’n’crash segway??

Ok, now thats a bit over doing it…

it was an april fools joke posted on April 1, 2002… i didn’t fall for it.

All that power with only a GeForce4 MX440???

Sounds like something TechTV would say.

For a moment there I was afraid Kamen had joined the Dark Side.

“The New Apple G4: Wind-Tunnel fan optional, but recommended.”

Hmmm this is kinda old…

ya, i figured it was fake from the beginning, what a liability, computer and segway in one= instant suit from 80 yr old lady getting run down.

ya gillagin

you’re the type that would take anyone to court for anything just to get money out of them.

Jon from SPAM, team 180

They have finally found a way to make Mac OS crash as offten as MS Windows