ISO 15" to 18" Wheels for Demo Bot

Our team is looking or 15" to 18" wheels preferably with a key hub for our demo bot. We currently have 14" plastic wheels that can we like, but they leave a nasty mark on gym floors and tile. I’ve been looking but haven’t seen any designed for robotics. Any suggestions?
COTS is preferred.

The only ones I know of that you may be able to get with a keyed hub are Skyway wheels. They used to be a FIRST supplier many many years ago. I speculate calling them on the phone is the way to go.

If you can fashion your own hubs, check out the offerings from Northern Tool.

We will probably end up having to make our own hubs due to lack of keyed wheels at this size. We could also use a hex center wheel

Your best option might be to press a custom hub into a bicycle wheel. I would be skeptical of using other types of wheels just due to how much they would likely weigh making bicycle wheels one of the better options.

Indeed, it’s still on the homepage of their site, early-2000s FIRST logo and all. (Also a picture of an early 233 machine, which used to feature on the FRC landing page on the old FIRST website.) I’d give them a call, as their order form for teams (which has a 2016 date, so maybe they aren’t totally asleep at the switch) doesn’t have the size you need.

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You could also use bicycle “fixie” wheels and sprockets, and adapt some 40 series sprockets to an FRC hub to drive them.

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