ISO Camcorder to borrow at FiM Champs

Yes, really. I was looking at some older footage of FRC events, with their whole air of 2000s technobabble around them. I got this idea in my head that it’d be really neat to capture a fieldside video of a modern FRC match with the tools of this bygone era.

Basically, I wanted to reach out to anyone else that’s attending FiM DCMP that would happen to have, in the bowels of their basement or what have you, a handheld tape (or low-res digital) camcorder that I would be able to borrow momentarily at the event. If you think that you might be able to help, feel free to shoot a DM or reply.

To be honest, I’m not sure on the specifics of how I’ll even get the video off of the thing to my laptop, but if I do, I’ll be sure to drop it on here to show when it’s all said and done.


I’m not sure how much you are into video editing, but you could always add the effect in post. Here are some articles from more wisened and experienced sources than myself:


I regularly use Premiere, so might have to try this. Thanks for linking the tutorials.

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I do have some really bad over exposed video (because my mom didn’t know how to change the settings) of my old team competing at the 2004 Ypsilanti Great Lakes Regional. It’s not a DCMP since we didn’t have districts back then but it maybe something like what you are looking for.

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I’m more in search of a recording device, but I would absolutely love to see something like that! I’ve never really seen much of Michigan’s regional days.

Oh I see I read that post wrong. I do have high 8 camcorder but not sure if the batteries still hold a charge and definitely don’t have any tapes for it anymore. I will also see about getting those videos on YouTube and get you a link. I will warn you though they are very hard to watch because of the really bad video lol!

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Better than no video for a match! Thank you for digging back in the archives :slight_smile:

Probably 5$ on ebay with extra accessories.

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