ISO New Northern VA/Maryland CHS Data Collective Member

Have you always struggled with having a solid scouting team? Maybe you have a good system but every so often, it falls through the cracks because the main leader graduated. Maybe you’ve always struggled finding the RIGHT way to scout. Well do I have an offer for you!

Welcome to The Insight Collective. We’re mainly based out of Richmond/Ashland VA, lead by teams 3136 ORCA and 5804 TORCH.

We’ve automated scouting with a comprehensive app that takes time based, quantitative data along with inputting other things about a match, like starting configuration, preloaded game piece, fouls and notes scouters can add at the end of a match.

The drop sheet everything feeds into is time based and allows for second by second match recreation, available within minutes of the match concluding.

I personally did match prediction as a way to validate data at both Blacksburg and DCMP, having up to 91% accuracy with OPR calculated from the data.

We can offer you data on every match from every competition in the CHS district in exchange for using our app to scout matches at your two competitions. We’re looking for teams competing at Bethesda especially, but also Haymarket and Oxon Hill. Please contact me, Sam Slopey, via email if you think your team could be a good fit.

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For clarity sake. your looking for participants who plan to be at those events in the 2020 season, correct?

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Yes, this is for the 2020 comp season and hopefully beyond!

Could you share some information about how your match prediction works? 91% is quite a bit higher than any of the current prediction models that I’m aware of.


Here’s a post I just made on my match predictions

So because he hasn’t changed it yet. His data throughout the entire competition was roughly 74% accurate. The sample size of 20 he took was about 90% accurate. Just to clarify

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I would change it, I just have no clue how to edit posts.