ISO "old-style" Versaplanetary Output Shafts

This is a long shot, but my team is needing 4 or 5 Versaplanetary output shafts. Here is the kicker - they have to be the OLD style, made with standard (sharp-cornered) hex shaft, NOT the newer ones now sold that use ThunderHex (more rounded corners on the hex).

If anyone has them and would be willing to sell them to us, please let me know. We’ll either pay you for them directly (you set the price) or we can buy you new ones (they only ship with the ThunderHex now) to replace them.


Team 2465, the Kaua’iBots

I know we have quite a few… Let me look in the morning and check that they are in good enough shape… Probably have some wear on the threads on one side (mounting holes). Though they all are functional, especially in a pinch…

Thanks so much! We have exactly the number we need for our competition bot, but would love to have a set for our practice bot, or even just a couple of spares for competition. We’re using them in our new swerve drive system, and we didn’t realize that Vex had switched over to using the ThunderHex (which works ‘OK’, but we’ve been having a problem, which we are pretty sure is caused by the minor difference in the shaft geometry).

How’s your robot coming? Are you traveling this year? We were going to go to San Diego but really can’t afford it, so it’s just HNL for us again this year.

I do have 4 that I have put aside for you…
Let me know where you wish them shipped to.

Thanks for asking about the build…
It is coming along… Some crazy design constraints the students went with this year.
We have been doing only mainland regional competitions the last few years.
We have found that it is far more inspiring for the students. It is a huge expense and logistical challenge but the benefits from the student experience side far outweigh the costs.

We are doing the same events as last year. San Francisco and Sacramento.
They were so great we had to do go back and attend them again!
Was a bit of a challenge this year with the lottery but the CA regional directors are really great and worked with us to get us into our second regional (Sac)…

PM me your shipping address and I will get these out to you.

Look forward to see your version of swerve… We almost did it, but I wouldn’t allow it without preseason work, which didn’t happen… Focused more on getting our new Bolton CNC running prior to build… (thanks for flying out @RoboChair )

Thanks so much! I’ll PM you the address and more details.

We worked with StrykeForce in the off-season to get a swerve chassis working. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have tried it for competition. (We actually did that in 2014, with disastrous results, so… lesson learned!)

Sent you the shipping details in a PM…

Good luck at the Hawaii Regional, we will be watching the stream!