ISR #2 Ensemble RP

I counted 11 Ensemble RPs in 35 qualification matches. It seems like 10 of the 11 were scored because of a penalty. Match 28 had 3 onstage and a harmony (I could have missed others).

I think the lesson of the day is keep away from the opponents stage in the last 20 seconds of the match.


And that’s not even taking into account at least 2 more instances that I’m aware of where similar fouls were blatantly missed or knowingly ignored (the second is so ridiculous that I can’t see a way where it wasn’t a decision to disregard it for some reason):


is it possible to tell on tba if ensemble is given because of penalties rather then being earned?

TBA should have a breakdown of which robot did which—if it doesn’t add up, it must’ve been a foul.

Yes, but you have to look at the results from individual matches. For example you can see:


The blue team had 3 climbers plus 2 harmony points. If you don’t see points adding up to 10 (and 2 onstage), you can assume it is from penalty.

You can check the whole event using the TBA API, as G424s are recorded in the data FIRST makes available to teams.

For reference, this is what ISR #1 looks like:

vs ISR #2:


Terrible judgments, they just don’t look in the right places in the last 20 seconds.

they mightve disregarded the 2nd one because the blue alliance was trapping the red robot? not sure

Trapping the robot doesn’t give it a right to plow through their opponents stage!

I could possibly understand a judgement call here if a robot was actively pushing them into it. That isn’t this, when they enter they are untouched

isnt there a rule that says you cant use more then 1 robot to block off a part of the field? if this is the case i could see the refs saying its a wash

I wouldn’t call that blockading as there are plenty of other routes the team could take.

Even if it was blockading there is no provision for “offsetting penalties” like this. That would be two different calls.

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If the referees felt the alliance was going out of their way to force the robot into the stage zone, you might be able to argue for G211. I would think based on the video that might be a stretch though.