ISR 2020 Final #1

When watching Final 1 - 2020 ISR I notice a bunch of pushing and shoving that occurs near the Red Alliance’s target. Starting around 1:40, it happens on two separate occasions where a Red robot pushes a Blue robot into the Red Trench and then Red Target Zone. It appears the ref marks both of these penalties against the Blue Alliance.

I believe that this is incorrect via rule C8 (see rule below).

C8. Don’t expect to gain by doing others harm.
C8 requires an intentional act with limited or no opportunity for the TEAM being acted on
to avoid the penalty, such as:

b. Blue ALLIANCE ROBOT pushing a Red ALLIANCE ROBOT from fully outside the

This ultimately would not change the outcome of the match as the recorded score was 178 - 93. Correcting this 30 points would make the score 148 - 123. Red Alliance still wins, but a 30 point flop (or 60 point differential) could have serious consequences in other matches.

Did the refs miss this call or am I crazy?

You need to look at the part directly before the part you bolded. If Red had a legitimate objective (you know, like 5 Power Cells aboard that they want to score) and Blue just got in their way, it’s on Blue. If it isn’t obvious to the refs, then it won’t be called.


Notice that the initiator of contact on G10 and G11 ( the fouls called) is a non factor in the calling of these fouls

You are correct. That is covered under standard game play. However if contact is made outside the protected zone and they blue robot is intentionally pushed in it is a violation of C8. See my bolded text for its blue box.

No, it isn’t. Go back, read the full rule. Strategies consistent with normal gameplay are NOT C8 violations.

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Point b in the blue box for C8 is referencing the control panel(not the trench run) in regards to attempting to draw a G12 penalty. Not G10 or G11, which is indirectly mentioned in the blue box you are quoting as being acceptable strategy.

I guess I just don’t consider pushing a robot 10 feet across the field and into my team mate where there are no balls standard game play. You and the refs may and that’s okay. I guess that’s why I’m the armchair quarterback haha.

After watching that match, I’d much rather have a ball runner as my 3rd than a wall that just picks up tech fouls. Yikes.


Its up to at least several refs on every Tech, “under review”

Can an offensive player try to overpower a defensive player to play the game?.. yes

Can an offensive player shove a defensive player into the bench or goal post ?

From Game Manual

Teams should take note that they are putting themselves at great risk for TECH FOULS if
they choose to approach an opponent ROBOT intersecting its TARGET ZONE or

I believe this is referencing forcing a penalty for contacting the control panel. I’ve never seen C8 called for any zone penalty, because entering a protected zone is almost always “consistent with standard gameplay”.

In my opinion, C8 only really applies when a robot can’t escape from the foul. The blue robot in this case was fully functional, so it was able to escape, therefore C8 does not apply.

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