ISR #3- possibly the best district event this year?

With the ISR #4 event being held only 2 days before the Israel District Championship - many of the top teams in Israel have decided to attend ISR #3, which means this is one of the most stacked events this season.
How stacked? 9 of the top 10 teams in Israel (by ELO) are competing - 1690, 3339, 1577, 3075, 1574, 7845, 5654, 7039 and 3316 - with 5987 being the only top 10 team that made the(arguably way smarter) choice of going to ISR #4. This doesn’t include great teams like 2096, 2231 and 2630, which have all built incredible robots this year and are also competing at ISR #3.
With only 26 teams competing, we’ll get 52 qualification matches, which means that - on average - every match tomorrow is going to feature at least one of the top 10 teams in Israel.
It’s gonna be fun.


Yes, it was definitely high level mind games that put us in ISR4 and not a major oversight on turnaround times. :smile: Anyways I’m happy we won’t have to face such a stacked field even if it means we miss out playing with all of you.

I’ll be there volunteering tomorrow, can’t wait to see some truly awesome competition!


Hopefully at least in the conversation


As far as percentage of high level teams, this is also very high, it just lacks the sheer numbers at ISR#3.

Does a team with a recent blue banner get picked as a 3rd robot at this event?

Quite possible.

Look forward to seeing 4476 on day 1 aka “the undercard”

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This is the right one


Looks like frc-events isn’t registering anything from ISR#3 right now: ISDE3 FRC Event Web : Qualification Matches


Yup… One team joined super late and the system can’t really handle it… Supposed to be fixed by the end of the day


Did some digging and I will revise my previous reply:

Can’t judge the future based on the past, BUT, the field for Waterloo Day 2:

  • 16 of 18 teams have banners, average team has 11

  • only 12 teams make the playoffs

  • 2200 could be considered an underdog in this field, and they won 2 events in week 1


|Team| Blue Banners|



Could be a “Y2K” type problem…Cargo value was only designed to accommodate a 2 digit number :crazy_face:


Here’s a couple of notes to temper expectations for Waterloo:

  • Most teams did not compete in 2020, and few had access to their robots in 2021
  • Ontario teams were not allowed into schools until the end of January 2022, losing a full 3 weeks of in-person build season
  • One day events mean that there is very little time to plan and prepare for qual and playoff matches, so there will be a lot of unlucky breaks

All that said, with so many experienced teams in one place, it should be a good time.


2200 should not be considered an underdog anywhere this season.

One thing worth considering is that Ontario teams have had a lot more COVID-19 restrictions that teams in most parts of the world. So performances might not be up to the extremely high level that people are used to in Ontario. Regardless, it’s going to be yet another fun ride in Waterloo. Get your popcorn ready. :popcorn:


The blue alliance is still not updating so here are the rankings at the end of day 1- the race for the 1st seed is on!
(average match scores are insane-really want to see some insights from TBA when it goes up)


Results are now available on TBA:
28% of the matches are unicorn matches.

Edit: it’s 56% percent :hushed: (thanks @suPURDUEperAndy)



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Soon I hope

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1690 and 1577 play together in Q40. Should be fun to watch. Hopefully there will be a recording, since I don’t plan on being up at 1:45am in the morning. :crazy_face:


Here you go!


Absolutely filthy autonomous round… holy smokes well done all.

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Those are some incredible machines, way to go! That shooting on the fly by 1690 is so beautiful :heart_eyes: