ISR District Event #1 Penalty Help

I have been watching the Israel district event matches for the past hour and I need some help figuring out some of the penalties that were called during Qualification Match 6.

For this first clip I was watching the blue robot approaching the loading station and the head ref looks at it and then proceeds to grab his flag and call a penalty on it. I’ve read through the manual I can not find any language that describes the actions taken as a penalty. Is this human error or is there something that I am missing?

This second clip I notice that the ref on the bottom right side of the field notices something at the red loading station and proceeds to run over to the human player. The ref returns and looks at the player again and calls a penalty. This is a tough angel to see whats going on so this maybe hard to see what is going on and ultimately can be dismissed.

I want clarification on these calls because I showed my team’s human player this match and they were confused as well and we would like to know if it is something that a human player needs to be aware of or is it something that we should ignore.

The first clip already has a thread called “Isr what is this penalty”. To sum, the human player had placed a ball on the rack prior to teleop. The second one however is beyond me, could possibly be the one team was hiding balls or something and the ref went to check quickly.

Thank you for the help! Hopefully someone can figure out the second penalty.

In the second clip it looks like the human player was holding the ball and I assume that the ref went to tell him/her to put the ball on the rack until a bot goes to the station and when he/she didn’t their alliance got a penalty.

The Human player was not making a concerted, good-will effort to transport the POWER CELL to a chute or the rack. H10 violation. See Q and A 178

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