Israel International Offseason 2022 | October 12-13

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! - Click Here for all details & Registration Form

Teams 1690, 1577, 2630 and the FIRST Israel organization are excited to announce we are looking to create an international offseason event in Israel that will be taking place in October 2022,
We have already talked with some teams but would like to assess interest through a form that will be posted soon along with more details.
We would love to have teams from a variety of countries come, so if you think you might be interested and have any questions please feel free to email us at (Adam) and/or (Lidor)

Tuesday & Wednesday, October 12-13, 2022 (With Monday Night Load-In)

Adam Kertesz - Team #1690
Lidor Kaplan - Team #1577
Eli Barak - Team #2630


That looks awesome. It’s such a shame that Ohio is so far from Israel :frowning:


The form is not committing, but we do ask whoever fills it to be in position for the interest to be meaningful - for example not a student who got excited by the idea but has not talked with their mentor about it.

The general details are still subject to some changes - we need to decide on the better date option depending on international teams’ interest and the location could change depending on the number of participating teams, but given how small Israel is it won’t be more than 2 hours away from Tel Aviv.

The idea is still in it’s initial stages, but we would be looking to take the international teams sight seeing in the days prior to or after the competition and do some fun activities together, and we’re guessing being hosted by local teams would be an option as well.



Travel is 100% worth it. Who cares if its far.


Unfortunately it’s just too costly for us to afford it. Maybe some day in the future we might be able to though!

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It is completely worth it to fundraise for such a thing, travel like that is worth every penny for students, and then like 10x more.


Because we were reprimanded for thinking that American teams could come within the school year in October, we added another option in August that may actually be better for most international teams, so I changed the initial post and the interest form to comply.


For the teams in Turkey, is it possible for FYF to send out invitations to schools @AlexBurchard ? Or, how could school teams attend an international event otherwise? Is there something we as the community, the organizers, FYF, or FIRST can do for that? It would be nice to see a couple of Turkish teams there!


I think you would need that from the event organizers wouldn’t you? I don’t think MEB would care about any letter I write about an event that I am not responsible for though I will look into it.

Looks like visas are free if my Turkish didn’t utterly fail me though :slight_smile:

Israel isn’t nearly as expensive as the US :slight_smile:

Wait until you see a restaurant menu :sweat_smile:


Just to update that we’ve considered possible options, and the offseason will take place around October 12-13.
We plan to share more specific information soon.


Israel International Offseason 2022 registration is now open!*

  • When October 12-13 (11th load-in night)
  • Where Enerbox Stadium, Hadera, Israel
  • Max Capacity 40 Teams
  • Registration Fee 600$
  • International teams: 200 beds will be available for you during the whole week (October 9-15) at Hadassah-Neurim Youth Hostel (5 min walk from the beach, and where the seminar and evening activities will be take place at)

Additional Acitvities:

  • Organized travel for the international teams in some of Israel’s best places to visit.
  • Evening activities to all teams (at October 11 & 12 evenings) at Hadassah-Neurim Village.
  • FIRST Israel’s annual seminar will be held around the event dates, and will incorporate Israeli & international teams’ presentations.

If your team would like to give a presentation at the seminar, please mention it in the registration form under “Comments”, or let me know in private.

*As you can see, number of teams & number of beds is limited, therefore hurry up to guarantee your spots.

For any other questions,
You can reach out via DM / lidork51 at



When will registration for volunteers open?

Has anyone investigated the cost of shipping a robot from the the USA to Israel? Our team went to Israel in 2012. It was an amazing experience!


Just booked my flight! My wife and I will be attending and can’t wait :slight_smile:


Would love to attend an international off-season. Unfortunately October just doesn’t work. :frowning:

Happy to hear that!

@Bryce2471 @Keefe2471 were here in this year’s Israel DCMP, hope they got some good experiences and recommendations to share with you
(we for sure enjoyed hosting them).

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Rule Changes Announcement:

  • Scheduling algorithm
    • The scheduling algorithm will be defined in an algorithm contest (that will be published soon with the exact criteria)
  • VAR
    • Matches in which an action happened that if deemed a foul would warrant a card will be reviewed
    • Matches in which an action happened that if deemed a foul would affect the outcome will be reviewed
  • Playoffs
    • 6 Alliances Round Robin & Finals
    • 4 robots alliance (each robot need to play at least twice during RR, and once in Finals)
    • Selection Order is 1st: 1->6, 2nd: 6->1, 3rd: 6->1
  • Extra cargos
    • +3 (2 on robots, 1 on carpet in the intersection between the center of the low bar truss leg and the long centerline of the field)
  • Cargo Threshold
    • Total threshold 30
    • No quintet
  • Climbing Threshold
    • Unchanged
  • Additional Rules changes
    • G204-206 No current change; We may be looking for a wording that would lower the amount of focus required from the refs and limit the amount of redundant fouls
    • H504 TELEOP CARGO delivery. During TELEOP, CARGO may only be introduced to the FIELD by a HUMAN PLAYER in a TERMINAL AREA.
    • R103 Robot weight limit. 130 lbs (~59 kg), instead of 125 lbs (~56 kg).
      *As stated in R103, the mentioned weight excluded ROBOT BUMPERS & ROBOT battery.

Israeli Offseason 2022 Rules Changes.pdf (105.2 KB)


This is almost every change I wanted an off-season to have to see how it plays out. I will definitely be tuning in.


All the rules changes are great and really interesting, I like especially the VAR and the RR but 1 thing that bothers me a bit is that each alliance should play with their 4th robot 2/5 games in RR, which will make it even harder for the 5th - 6th alliances to advance.