Israel is coming to Detroit!

It was just announced by *FIRST *Israel that next year we will be participating in the Detroit Championship, this is due to a Jewish holiday that takes place during the Houston Champ.

It’s quite a hot topic here since the change isn’t idle to all teams (and at least one team already purchased tickets to Houston)…

A big issue is that we were told that moving to Detroit will decrease the amount of champ slots Israel will have next year (this year we had 15 Slots…)

This move is for one year only and it wasn’t announced that there is going to be some sort of “switch” with another region.

I suspected that FIRST would need to do that once I saw the holiday was on the same weekend as Houston.

It’ll be nice to see some new faces at Detroit, I felt like we missed a lot of international teams this year (obviously the Canadians were there, but still).

It stinks that Israel is losing slots but I’m very excited to play with Israeli teams at Champs! I’m continually impressed by what Israeli teams can do on the world stage, especially with the increased representation thanks to districts.

How will this affect FTC?

Wasn’t every face a new face at Detroit this year?

I know nothing about this change that isn’t in this thread, but I do know that FIRST has used the same geographic alignment for 2Champz across all four programs.

Those of us from Michigan saw a LOT of familiar faces in Detroit. :rolleyes:

This is probably an isolated case, but I did find an interesting abnormality as I explained in a different thread:

They’re awesome. Note that ever since 2015, when 3339 became the first Israeli team to make Einstein, Israel has sent two teams a year to the Einstein Field. Hope to see more next year!

Canada isn’t international. They’re the United States’ hat.

What will this mean for slots in Houston? are we going to see some DET teams come to HOU or will teams going to HOU get more slots, or are we just adding more wildcards as thats totally the solution for areas not going to districts?

I believe the correct term is “tuque” not hat.

1836 (from a Jewish school) did Passover in St. Louis a few years ago, not a fun experience.

I’m glad FIRST is considering religious conflicts in their planning. I always love the effort to maximize the number of teams and increase (or in this case maintain) geographic diversity.

I asked that on the FTC Forum as the mentor for teams at a Catholic school that won’t allow us to travel during Holy Week - the week before Easter - which conflicts with Houston.

It’s been total silence from them (FTC never seems to answer emails, or posts on their forum). I heard from a good source that the question came up at the partner’s conference last week and that FTC was against letting teams change championships, but that Don Bossi said later that they would work with teams on a case by case basis.

I’m sure we’ll see a blog post soon.

Send Chesapeake to Houston for a year! :smiley:

Nah, send Michigan. We’ll trade Texas along with Israel to even out the team counts.

What? It’s not like MI and TX host the 1/2Champs or anything…:rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

I stand corrected.

I’m excited for more international competitors at Detroit. Frankly, as an FiM team it was a little disconcerting to see a large proportion of the same teams we compete with on every season. I’ve always looked forward to the championship events as a chance to see new teams with unique and different ideas.

Perhaps the “exchange” program between the two champ events need to be increased. Allow more voluntary changes between the two.

I think this is an opportunity for FIRST to move away from the rigidity in the current 2Champs assignments. FIRST should be rotating regions between the 2 venues for those entities for which travel distance is similar. Whether the West teams go to Detroit or Houston doesn’t affect travel costs. The same is true for the international teams. I suspect much can be said for teams in the Midwest and East at a certain range. Having such a rotation would increase the inspiration and coopertition that FIRST is aiming for.