Israel is coming to Detroit!

I totally agree with less rigidity. I do think that FIRST shouldn’t just open registration for each event for the teams which qualified because I foresee disasters in like of Regional registration circa 2016 (?) and earlier.

Assuming that they would open both locations to all teams regardless of if they have a compelling reason or not (not sure how I feel about this yet), then I think it would make sense to give a team the option of a location when they qualify. Though, this will create same havoc on the logistical front with needing to reserve spots for local teams, etc. Hmm, maybe it should require at least some sort of compelling reason (but maybe not so strict). Hmm, maybe there should only be one championship.

Since we are stuck with 2Champs for some time, I am all on board with this. It would be great to mingle with other teams over the course of a few years. After two years of 2champs, I will state that there has been too much lost in this format. Something needs to be changed in order to make it more palatable.

It would be nice if some sort of exchange program was worked out where teams could swap their championship slot with another team who is at the other championships.