Israel off season info!

The event will take place on October 1st or 2nd, during the Sukkoth holiday, in Hadera.

First of all, it has been agreed that the main target of the whole off-season event is to give a show, to make people who haven’t heard of FRC before and will see the event be deeply impressed and make them want to join a team, or at least come to the regional and be as much involves as they can.
We are intended to invite FRC 2008 Rookie teams to this event, and let them know everything they need about FIRST, be impressed and excited as much as we are about everything that has to do with FIRST.
To be followed are our conclusions and suggestions to all teams:
As we are intended on giving a show, I want you to take a look at how U.S.A regional competitions look like, and how team 1942-Cinderella and 2212-The Spikes were at the Israeli regional. You should decorate you pit stations, your robots, your driver, your cheerleaders etc…
(You could make team mascots, team songs, and any other crazy idea u might have!)

In addition, we have also suggested a few ideas on how to make the event more interesting for a non-FIRST viewer:
-a talent show, just like the one in IRI (possibly the shows will be between matches)

  • 2008 Rookies will get a chance to drive 2007 robots, just to see how it feels, and to get more into FIRST.
  • There will be music, food; the announcers will speak both English and Hebrew.
    Remember, our main goal is to impress, and inspire.
    We have also added or changed a few rules to the official 2007 Rack N’ Roll. The goal is to make the game more interesting, with more actions, and with crazy robots design.
    The rules which we have decided to change:
    Every rule will stay as it was except for the following:
  1. The maximum weight of your robot is now 100 KGs go crazy with your designs!
  2. We have added 10 CMs to both the Width and Length of the robot, Classes were removed.
  3. The game will be 2 vs. 2, instead of 3 vs. 3.
  4. The electronic rules have been changed, and you are basically allowed to do what u want, as long as it is safe (2 batteries on one robot!).
  5. Pneumatics unlimited.
  6. For every keeper scored during autonomous time, the alliance gets a 20 point bonus.
  7. If an alliance has succeeded in hanging a tube on the top spider lag, the while alliance gets a 10 point bonus. The amount of tubes the alliance has on a top raw does not matter, even if u have 8 tubes there, you still get only 10 points bonus.
  8. Match time: 0:15 autonomous, 2:30 Basic round, 0:30 final round. Total: 3:15
  9. The penalties will not be as frequent as they were in the regional. Violent moves will still be penalized.
    Except for those changes, you should refer to the official FRC rules.
    The ‘Specials’ of the event:
    After the Finals, when there is already a winning alliance, the two finalists will change sits, and drive each other’s robots. In this ‘Special’ the Best Driver award winner will be chosen.
    2008 Rookies will get a chance to drive robots, and even hang tubes!
    In between matches we are intended on holding the talent show.

Any additional ideas will be appreciated.

Important: We need your help teams, the more volunteers – the better.

In addition, we are probably going to have to set an initial registration fee, which will be used for the official FRC field transporting, pit stations set-up, food for teams etc…

I want to thank those who were in the meeting we had. Aviad, Nadav and Costa from 1942, Nir from 2230 and Ofir from 1947.

Yours, Liron, Event host and organizer.
[email protected]
0509150249 - The official FIRST Israel community, you are strongly suggested to register.

I love some of those new rules! I hope NASA or somebody else can provide a webcast or at least record it and archive it for TBA (possibly). Approximately how many teams is this off-season committee preparing for?

Meanwhile we have 6 teams registered.
There are a total of 34 Israeli teams, and we are expecting about 15 teams to sign in.
I dont believe there will be a webcast, as there was no such for the regional, but i can promise taht we will have a footage of it, and uplaod it to youtube, soap or TBA.

Maximum weight: 70 KGs

Added: “safety” award.
Robots raising (3vs3 pass-the-tube)
Safety instrutions.
Initial fee:100 NIS (25 $)

We have changed both the length, and width of the robots to a maximum of 106 Centimeters. The height of the robot must not be more then 4 feet. No classes - maximum weight - 70 KGs (not including bumpers nd battaries).


Are you guys using your old bots or building new ones?

We are ng our old ones, upgraded as we wish.
Of course, if a team wishes to build a new one it is more than welcomed.