Israel Regional 2011

Since no-one has posted yet, I just wanted everyone to know how well the Israeli Regional is going this year. Many thanks to the efforts of Kate and Jacob! There will be some great robots going to Championship!

You can see the webcast at:

Looks like Miscar is back! Congrats to 1574, 1690, 3351!

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Some members of the Pascack Pi-oneers, Team 1676, were watching the webcast from our laptops at school, and we were very impressed! It seemed like a great regional, we would go if we could!

We hope to see 1574, 1690, and 3351 in St. Louis, along with all of the other winners! Good luck!

Also, I would like to greatly thank who ever broadcasted the regional, the webcast was FLAWLESS! It kept me very entertained during boring a Monday and Tuesday at school. =)

The regional was the best competition in the world!!!
The communication was good. There were many people from US helping to have communication.
There were great robots especially my team’s robot.
I would like to get feedback on my team (team 3339 BumbleB).
We were 4th place and we got to the semi finals with the greatest alliance: Team 3083 (I love this team) and team 1578 (which I also love).
This was my team second year and we feels in the sky because what we achived (unfortunatly we won"t be at the CMP)

The regional this year was awesome! I really enjoyed all the teams and people there. No communications error at all this time! It was really really wonderful.

On the non-technical side the atmosphere was great and all the people I interacted with were awesome. I’d like to specifically mention team 1662 from California who came for the second time to the regional. They were really nice people as well as good competitors on the field. The team from Bosnia whom I had a chance to sit and talk with, which was really nice.

Lastly I’d like to thank teams 3211 and 2679 for picking us to be on their alliance in the eliminations. It was awesome playing with you guys and I hope we get a chance to play with you again next year in the competition.

And with a last shout of Shtaim-Shtaim-Achat-Shtaim (2212) I’d like to say that the regional was awesome and that I really enjoyed it :smiley:


Does anyone remember who won Dean’s List?

Yaniv Gutman of team 2230 won. I’m not sure if they awarded a second one.

I would like to congratulate Muhammed Abu Fawdah (hope that’s how you spell it), the Regional Woodie Flowers Award winner. I met him a few times, and I can confidently say that he is a really nice guy, and an inspiration to his team.

2230 had a great year, from a non working robot on the practice day to 100% success in the qualification rounds and the 1st spot in the qualification rounds,
and getting to the finals after all the problems.

thanks to team 1657 “hamosad” and team 3388 “Flash” for a great alliance!

and a special thank you for our minibot(s) that got us to the 1st place and left us unbeatable in the qualification rounds! :smiley:

and great job teams 1574, 1690 and 3351, you were great, see ya in 2012!

I would like to give a shout out to all those who really made this awesome event possible, which is everyone from Alisha and Yaarit who made sure everything ran smoothly, to Kate, Jake, Arik and the rest of the field technical team, to the judges and referees to the queing, field reset,and even just helping teams and setup/teardown! ( I’m probably missing something still) Great job everyone! None of what we had would have been possible without you!

Also to all the teams, you were all great, understanding and supportive, thanks!

All in all, great regional, lets have an even better one next year!

We love you, too, Yarden ! :slight_smile: Israel regional definitely was a great success and lots of fun , even though we didn’t qualify for CMP. Definitely the best season I’ve had, the grand finale, including last year in which we went to Atlanta… This is also a great place to mention the amazing staff we have here- the Israeli volunteers, FIRST Israel and Jon, Jacob, Kate , Blair, Christopher and Stu (did I miss someone?). It wouldn’t have been so great without you guys and I’m really proud to be a part of FIRST Israel family, because that’s what we are.

Wait, did I miss the Isreal regional?

Yes. I wanted to watch the webcast. I forgot all about it.

Oh well. Next year.

No worries… We have videos of our qualification matches and all of the elimination matches, they’ll be up in a few days… Artemis3083 on youtube.

Thank you very much. I am glad you guys didn’t have the problems you did last year. Good luck to the teams that won who are attending championships.

**MisCar 1574 is DEFINITELY BACK! **

After a great year and an awesome Robot MisCar is back again in the world championship!

See you guys in St. Luis


MisCar 1574 Team Captain :slight_smile:

It was definitely an excellent competition. I’d like to congratulate team’s 1574, 1690, 3351, 2230 and 3388 for a the final matches, they were definitely intense and fun!

I’d also like to thank Kate and Jacob from USFIRST for helping us fix everything from last year as well as all the rest of the volunteers especially Shahar (the well deserved outstanding volunteer of the year), Jon Mittelman, Blair Hundertmark, Arik Barkai (the FTA) and Stuart Bloom (the amazing Head Referee). You guys made this competition run so well and you deserve much more then just one round of applause.

This was an excellent competition, I can only wish good luck to the winning alliance at St. Louis and hope that next year will be even better :wink:

So glad to hear Israel was such a great success after all the disappointments last year. Thank you to everyone who made this possible for these teams!

The absolute best Regional in the world. Thank You Alisha, Team 3075 and all the rest of FRC Israel.

We couldn’t have done it without the outstanding efforts FIRST ISRAEL have been doing since last year to prepare, learn, manage, discuss, organize, design, and activate a full scale, working smoothly, amazing, incredible 2011 Israel regional.
FIRST ISRAEL – Now, you are one of the best regional and FIRST family in the world! Thanks to all the judges, referees, volunteers, mentors and Alisha, Yaarit & Asaf.
I am looking forward to a great 2012 season of improvements and more top teams in Israel.
Good luck to every one at St. Louis - the best place to celebrate engineering and to be inspired by the best people FIRST community has.